Retinoblastoma - Cancer of the Retina Early detection of Retinoblastoma is vital, as it can occur while the baby is growing in the womb. Detection is usually picked up after birth, as doctors check for a red reflex in the retina. Joshua's detection started with normal photos just after his birth. His pupil was quite large and filled with a gold like colour. Certain angles in which we took the photos would show different results. A red reflex was definitely visible, but for some reason. his eye would also fill with this gold consistency. My mum and i knew something wasn't right. That night he was taken to a paediatrician. The following nights, he was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. The doctor explained that, the gold colour, was light bouncing off the tumor. A red reflex was also evident due to normal blood vessel use. Some detection is made by discoloration of the eye, but more than half of diagnosed patients, are detected, through normal family photographs. All members, please keep this in mind, and keep on the lookout for un-usual eye colouring / discoloration of the eye in photos. Thankyou, Thoughts and prayers from The Johansen Family
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