Dear all members, Our family are only new to this blog, and we would like to say, first of all, what a warmand welcoming place it is. Being confined to hospital, it is hard to find a support network that sticks, except for family. We would like to introduce ourselves. Sam (me), Alison (Mum), Alannah (sister), and Josh(sick brother). Unfortunately, our immediate family is not much support, perhaps they can not find the strength to cope. Mum and I have been the strongest support for Josh throughout his cancer story. At 5 years old this August, i tell you what; he is my inspiration. He is strong, brave and the happiest kid ive ever known. We are here, to give support to families like us, going through the cancer journey. We have found, that there can never be enough support. The type of cancer Josh has is very rare, and occurs during the infant stages of life. Josh has a prosthetic eye, and currently, his only eye left, is under threat due to Vitreous Seeding of the gel sac in the eye. If these "seeds" drop in the Macular, his eye will have to be removed, therefore, he will be blind. In order to save the vision he has left, we are undergoing a 3rd year of chemo with Josh. Today he finished his 1st of 4 cycles. All we are asking, please, please pray for our little man. Prayers and thoughts with you all, The Johansen Family =]
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