Thank you for the article about anticipatory grief on this website. It sounds like my exact experiences! I am supporting a close friend 76 yo with gastric cancer rapidly spreading in his lungs, causing breathlessness. A second round of chemo is coming up. The first one last year gave him 7 reasonably good months in spite of mouth ulcers, tiredness etc. This time the prognosis isn't good and the chemo sounds like it will be even stronger. I simply wish to wave a "magic wand" and make this nightmare go away - denial and guilt and sadness all mixed up with trying to be less "emotional" as I think that's upsetting to the person who has to go through it all. I've been to Cancer Support Groups and a workshop on advanced cancer and hope to find other carers here to share experiences and boost morale. Thanks for listening.
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Hi Louise, Thanks for sharing your story. What a difficult time you and your friend you are going through. Are there any other carers out there who have experienced similar things? I'm sure others can relate to Louise's description of this "nightmare" and all the hard emotions that come with being a carer. It would be great to hear from you. Louisa
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