So- have a chance to has been a while. My darling husband has been out of radiotherapy for a month, has been undergoing acupuncture and taking chinese meds....and has been stronger, more alert and pain free for longer and longer periods of time. So- he goes for his scan in a week and then we find out if the radiation shrunk the tuomours in his spine. He has been a new man since visiting the Chinese Doctor- we did see one in Sydney two years ago before his operation, who detailed to me what parts of his body the surgeon would operate on, without seeing scans or reports...and then when his surgeon called me to say what they had done, it was the Chinese Doctor's voice I could hear, it was almost prophetic how spot on he was. In all of his treatment, we had forgotten about his success with the Chinese meds in Sydney, so when a friend suggested we see one on the Gold Coast, we went for it- and I am pretty impressed with the results. Even if it is only a mind healer, it has worked absolute wonders. He has been out of bed for three days in a row- he walked our daughter to pre school- he has never done that before! He has been playing guitar again, eating and even his bowels have been behaving themselves more often (he would kill me for saying that! Nah not really, he's a bit proud of it!) He is still not cancer free, but pain free is better than nothing! And he has been playing with our son on the swings......Fingers crossed this is the break he has needed! PA
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Hiya PA ... interesting re the mind healer bit. I am a great believer in that and try and work hard on that part of things myself. It sounds like your husband is doing well being out of bed and walking your daughter to pre school, playing guitar and with your son also very wow! Julie
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thats excellent! i believe a lot of it is in your mind.. if u say your sick and tired then u will be! i find that massaging my boyfriend makes him better, he's always tense and sore. Long hot baths with salts and oils are a great way to ease pain to! 🙂
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I have just read that post again for the first time......ahhh how quickly things shift..... a few days of poor eating and the poor darling man is right back in bed, no acupuncture, missed appointments with GP and onco to see if radiation was successful......He just can't catch a break! But we battle on, and maybe tomorrow he will have a good day, be able to eat, his medication might work, he may be out of pain, he might get out of bed...... And the story continues as we roll increasingly faster to two years since his peritonectomy! and the start of this insanity!
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