Celebration time! Saw my oncologist today after the three month bloods were taken last week. Blood marker undetectable, all other blood profiles within normal limits. I was sure it would be, I've been feeling really great recently and, unlike some other times, did not feel I might be kicked in the teeth. One would think I would be blase about it now - eleven years of three monthly tests - but I'm not. Two weeks beforehand I am difficult to live with, fly off the handle at the slightest thing, whether I think there is something wrong or not. Eleven years is a long time for the family to put up with it, but they are as anxious as I am, and very forgiving. As luck would have it we had tickets for the theatre for tonight, tickets booked a long time before the oncologists appointment was made, so we went out to dinner as well and have had a good night. So now for another three months. Once upon a time I might have 'measured out my life with coffee spoons', now I measure out my life in three monthly blood tests. Another point on the graph. Cheers Sailor The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails. Joshua Slocum

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