I'm curious to know if anyone else experiences this? Many people tell me that cancer must have changed the way I see life. The usual comment is, "You must really feel lucky. It really must change your perspective on everything". I know that they are implying that I must feel really fortunate and I don't "sweat the small stuff" anymore. There are many days I do feel this. I am so lucky to be here today! Yet there are also days where I want to reply, " Yes, cancer has changed me; for the worst. I don't have my old body, I struggle to walk, I live with the fear of it coming back, the 3 monthly check ups are horrible, I can't have children, I am disbaled. No, I don't feel lucky." I know that is not what they want to hear and it would make them uncomfortable, so I tell them I'm great and yes I am a different person. Why do I sometimes lie to make them feel better?
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