Having such a tough day. I keep being hit by these waves of emotions.  The thought of the surgery on Tuesday  ...the out come...i have support,  but i hate the thought of burdening them i know its sounds crazy they keep telling me to let them know when im not traveling well. My Mum had a mini stroke a couple of weeks ago, she knows I'm having surgery but we haven't said its thyroid cancer. It's been a tough couple of months with tests and uncertainty.  It just feels all a bit to much today. Sending support out. And thanks for reading.  

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Good luck with your Surgery,it is hard to not want to burden family,or friends,but look at it this way ,sounds like you would be there for others,only this time it’s you who may need the support and help,I remember not wanting to ask for help and staying independent,but we may all need help at different times in our lives,just ask. I did ,and my life was enriched by the responses,I got.

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  • Thank you so much for reaching out its very much appreciated Kj ., i hope your well. The day i couldn't stop crying a close friend rang to check on me. She got in her car and drove over with homemade pumpkin soup . I had my fist hug in nearly 2 months! Because of the covid19....that's been the hardest for me in this time, and im sure for alot people in these uncertain times with chronic health issues. It's always been an issue for me asking for help...i think I'm going to learn a lot about myself through this nightmare, if there is any positive to take on board it's going to be such life lessons  as these. Thank you.
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Hi Bowie 70

I am well thanks, Covid has changed how we interact with others and life unfortunately,it was lovely that your friend came with a hug and pumpkin soup,A hug can definitely improve our feelings,you will be surprised how much strength inside of you that can be drawn upon when things seem to be at their darkest in time of crisis,yes you will learn more about yourself .

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