My husband met with his oncologist yesterday who gave him the good news that his brain tumor had shrunk due to radiation treatment. We were so happy for a few minutes and then POW!!! he suggested very strongly that we need the Palliative Care Team to be involved NOW.My heart just sank from being on such a high and then swoop down to the lowest low and then stabilise. He has a scan next week to see if his lung cancer has spread,if not then his medical team will decide if a combination of radiation and chemo will help him be more comfortable.At the moment he is struggling. I have personally called this the 'Triple K' approach. K = Kiss (give some good news) K = Kick (give the bad news) K = Kiss (give something to soften the bad news) Just wanted to share my day. Gentle whispers of encouragement coming to all you brave people. Dotty
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