Its been a while since I have visited and/or posted on this blog, in fact it was the day my dad died that was the last time. Since then I have had my ups and downs as you can expect and the road has been paved differently to that I thought it would have been. One thing that has kept me going and times kept me crying (especially when I was in a really clouded space) was the fact that Dad is is still part of our conversations. Mum and I will often reflect on "how dad would have done it" or "what would dad say/do in that situation" and whilst at times of celebrations this may bring tears to our eyes we now can also have a bit of a smile on our face when we think about some things. My mum and dad had a beautiful, loving relationship that was the envy of many friends and family and something that I aspire to have with my own husband. My dad supported mum to be what she is today without him, and always made sure that she had the skills to do what she needed to whether he was there or not. He valued her opinion and her determination. Today, from wherever he is, my Dad would be just as proud of the woman that he married and the way that she has carried herself through the past 2.5 years and how she will continue to use skills that he taught her. I am proud of my mum; more proud that i think I can ever explain to her...What I am most proud of her is that we can continue to talk about dad together and for it never to be something that is forgotten. My journey over the past 2.5 years has also been something that I have reflected on recently and I can only now see just how far i have come. Every opportunity can provide some light and positive to reflect and stay positive. I miss my Dad everyday the same as i did those couple of years ago but I know that I have the memories to keep me going!
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