Hey All This is my first blog…I have felt the need to join the website to chat with people who are going thru similar experiences who may be able to offer some advice/tips etc on the dreaded prognosis of terminal cancer to which my Dad is living with. Today whilst waiting to go into the treatment room for chemo Dad and I were chatting. He hasn’t been sleeping very well as of late and as I hadn’t seen him in a day or so I asked how he slept last night. "Not very well sweetpea" he said. I questioned Dad "I can’t seem to understand with all the medication you’re on, with side effects of tiredness/drowsiness (pain relief) I don’t understand how that’s not making you sleep". To which then his eyes filled up "I'm scared if I go to sleep, I won’t wake up the next day"....what are you meant to say to that? How can you ease that sort of anxiety? Has anyone experienced something similar or felt this way?
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