Its been a long time since I visited Cancer Connections. My 'journey' as a carer ended over 2 years ago when my husband passed away. I continue on my journey as a widow and lone mum. The road has been long and lonely, extremely challenging and I don't wish it on anyone. Yet...........last week another child lost a parent, cancer claimed another victim. My sister in law's sister passed away after a 6 year battle with cancer. I didn't know her closely, we had met several times at several family occasions and we always spoke. I went to her wedding. She came to my husband's funeral. On Wednesday I will go to hers. Knowing that another family has lost a parent, a husband lost his wife, a son lost his mother..............I'm reliving the loss of my husband and the father of our beloved boys. Cancer sux.
Hi Jill I am so sad to hear this. all these little things must bring back memories of what you and the boys have been through. please take care and know that you are not alone. we think of you all the time and wonder how you are coping. yes! cancer does sux. Linda
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Oh goodness this will soon be me!
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Hi Jill Sorry to hear that you have lost another person in your family circle. Cancer does sux!! hugss Julie
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Hi Mrs Elton, I too have not been on here for a while (Dad passed away back in 2010) but it was nice to see some familiar names like yours whose journey i followed. Hope you are doing well and my thoughts go out to you and your boys for this recent loss xx
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Thank you for your blog. You have a wonderful way with words and have been insightful and thoughtful I everything you have written. I hope your life co tines to grow and expand into its new normal, and that your boys grow up strong and wise
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