so i know ive posted so many blogs about people not caring anymore.. but i feel really down about it. I cant believe the amount of peopel that no longer care about me or my partner.. people that just dont bother asking how i am and people that no longer call him. Its our wedding in 6 weeks and some people havent even botherd to RSVP! im so tired of this cancer roller coaster.. i know theres still a lot of heartbreak ahead i just want to get off it! its so draining, some days i just want to stay in bed all day reading.. i have no energy anymore and even though i have bouts of happiness its not constant anymore 😞 im so over it all!
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I can identify with much of what you're saying. Life has changed (not for the better), but people don't understand. Fatigue is starting to set in. I can't believe people haven't even RSVPd to your wedding! That's so rude. Is there anyone you can deputise to chase them up? Avoid doing it yourself if you can, I reckon, it would be too draining. Here's a (((((hug)))))) of support. love Emily
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I'm sorry Maddie.... all I can think of and try to accept is that people these days only concern about their own life and lack of compassion. Today I actually had a bit of thinking whether it's the Western style or modern way of living which cause this. The way you give so much freedom to kids to make their own decision, have their own lives, look after 'themselves' and probably forgot about others in the process. In your case, people who haven't RSVPd may be waiting to see how you go and don't want to give you too much pressure. I'm just trying to come up with something positive 🙂
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thank you both for your kind words... its so hard isnt it? i woke up this morning and just burst into tears.. im hoping this is just a small step back, as i know i can be happier... xoxo
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It is really hard. I'm glad we can be there for each other, even if it's 'only' online. I'm thinking of you.
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