It 'seems' we reach the end of the road. I use the word 'seem' because we still hope that there are other options that we could do. We know the chance of finding something that can prolong my partner's life is slim. He still has hope. How could I just agree to the fact that was presented to us that there is nothing else anyone can do to help him? I've done so many research. I have no idea what else is possible within our financial limitation. Good thing is there is no more MRI, blood test, chemo, doctor appointments. We don't have to encounter with people who lack of compassion. People who are unaware that my partner struggles but tries to be independent and walk on his own and push him aside while making their way to some important business. A cyclist who hit him on footpath and got pushed by him because of anger and all the pedestrian who came to rescue the cyclist who did the wrong thing in the first place. People who tried to be a smart and teach my partner to drink coffee with the lid on in a smartarse way while he tried to get rid of the lid with all his strength with shaken hands as the way he likes drinking his coffee is without a lid on. People who talk down on him as if he was intellectually challenge. It's finally time to get rid of the fatigue from treatments and hopefully a better quality of life. No one wants to talk about future even though all I need to know is so that I can prepare. It feels like they wash their hands, get rid of us but ensure that palliative care team will provide support that we need. The NO said we have on average of 3 months but each people is different. It's just a matter of number.
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