I am trying to stay strong,i am trying to stay positive...it seems in life when you have a problem you can usually solve it whether its in relationships,employment or anything that comes along.....unfortunatley with cancer its turning out to be one of those problems without a magic solution,no easy fix.I know"keep positive""keep strong"....i try and i try and i try...2 weeks ago i had a small bowel resection to remove a tumour which is almost certainly recurrence from having stage 4 inoperable metastatic esophageal cancer...PET scan yesterday and have to wait 2 weeks for the results 😞 my swallowing has deteriated dramatically in the last 2 weeks,i am losing weight daily,im severley fatigued and just staying awake is becoming a struggle.I been poked with that many needles,so many scans and loads of radiation and chemo in the last two years and recently and i dont know if i can handle it anymore ..Im angry,happy,sad,confused,scared and many other emotions all at the same time.
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