Hi Everyone I am over 1/3 of the way through my radiotherapy yayyyyy for that. Next week i will pass the half way mark and i am not yet burnt, for which i am eternally grateful. My reaction to cetuximab has been text book, which is making the oncologist happy. I now walk around like some teenager with spots all over my chest and face, kind of confronting and yet comforting as its a sign that the cetuximab is working. Starting to get very tired now and cant wait to go home again. Having a visit from part of my family this sunday, which is yayyy again. My son cant make it which is a shame, but i may see him in a week or so time. It is rather surreal staying at this cancer council place (milroy lodge). Such a fantastic facility and the staff are wonderful. Have met some incredible people here and in another life we may have become great friends. I try and log in occasionally to keep up with things with everyone, difficult to do it all the time though. ciao for now Julie
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Hi Jules2's, glad to hear all is well, youll be home before you know it, take care.................. Sham
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Hey Sham Thanks, yeah i will be home soon and cant wait really. 🙂
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Hi Jules2 i am on my 14th day of raditation and i am doing well also. the girls are really thrilled with my progress and check me every day. i was a little tired the first two weeks but i put that down to missing everyone and being very home sick. my husband came up of the weekend so that was really great as i have been missing him so much. its my sons birthday 31st birthday today and i would have loved to be with him but perhaps we can have a late birthday cake when i get home. i am missing my grandson's very much and would just love to have a cuddle or two. i am staying with friends at the moment, who have been amazing towards me. My husband will arrive on the 12th Nov and we will move to Crawford House so that we can have some time together and i will be closer to the Cancer Centre and will not have to travel. please take care of yourself. cheers Jodielee
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Hiya Jodielee Thanks and am glad to hear your husband will be coming to stay with you for some time. I am at Milroy, which is the other cancer council accommodation place in perth. 🙂 Its great!!! As is crawford lodge, i have stayed there a couple of times also. I am betting you are just missing those grandies heaps. Will be very special when you do get to see them again. I was fortunate enough to get out of hospital just in time to celebrate my son's 21st birthday with him, so i consider myself to be quite fortunate. Thanks for the comment and i am glad to read that your radiotherapy is going great also. Julie
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