Hi Everyone I am over 1/3 of the way through my radiotherapy yayyyyy for that. Next week i will pass the half way mark and i am not yet burnt, for which i am eternally grateful. My reaction to cetuximab has been text book, which is making the oncologist happy. I now walk around like some teenager with spots all over my chest and face, kind of confronting and yet comforting as its a sign that the cetuximab is working. Starting to get very tired now and cant wait to go home again. Having a visit from part of my family this sunday, which is yayyy again. My son cant make it which is a shame, but i may see him in a week or so time. It is rather surreal staying at this cancer council place (milroy lodge). Such a fantastic facility and the staff are wonderful. Have met some incredible people here and in another life we may have become great friends. I try and log in occasionally to keep up with things with everyone, difficult to do it all the time though. ciao for now Julie
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