Here we are, my husband is waiting for his 3rd chemo round on Avastin for his advanced bowel cancer. (stage 4). Then, the nurse called and told us that his white blood cells has gone down to Zero. The 3rd chemo has to wait for couple of days. I was shocked (as he is eating quite well these days, as he becomes more a normal person) but nothing my husband can do. He just has to wait for his body to rebuild. The chemo drug killed the cancer as well as the good cells. His Cancer Marker has gone down from say 2,400 to 1,000. Of course, we are all happy. But when talking with his radiology doctor, apparently cancer marker is just one type of indicator. Because of my husband's advanced stage, the cancer will be controlled to a certain point then it will defend itself and starts growing again. The Cancer Marker will pick up again. (say back up to 1400; 1500). So, the doctor will start 'mix' drugs and see what happen. Basically, there is no one formula to one case. It is the un-certainty and how long is the rocky road leads ahead that stress me out (as a wife and as a carer). I know, I know, we all go through the stage of birth, aging, sickness and death It's just a matter of time. We just have to learn to pace ourself out, go with the flow. It is easy to say but very hard to do!
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