Hi all

I am a newbie to this site. 
Last Tuesday I presented myself to emergency hospital with pain in abdomen.  
Doctors thought it appendicitis, had a ct scan with contrast. 
The doctor came back and told me I had a huge mass in abdomen, ovarian cancer and liver cancer. My world was shattered. 
Was transferred to gyno hospital and stayed 3 nights. Had a fluid biopsy last week and to date I do not know what I have. The waiting is terrible. 

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I'm very sorry to hear about the tumour/cancer.

I think just about everyone agrees that the waiting really is awful. So very difficult. You're in good company here. We can all understand that here.


Do you know when you will hear more news about the results?

Other than the obvious waiting, how are you feeling?


Do you have family/friends around you that you can talk with?






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Hi sch

thanks a lot for your reply. 
Friday is the day I will get a call from the hospital.

Wednesday I have a mammogram they found a 1inch lump in right breast. I am prone to cysts so I’m not to fazed. 

Im keeping on top of things. I have great family support. 

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