After recently being recently diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer (stage 3b) I am wanting to reach out to other men similar age to me who are battling this illness. I have the efgr mutation and have been taking tarceva since 1st July. I am coping well on tarceva - I describe it as my one-pill per day miracle drug ! It's been a challenging time in my life. I am 44. Twice divorced and I have 3 beautiful children from my 2nd marriage who both inspire me to passionately fight on but who also bring out deep emotions in me when I am with them - being the fear of leaving them too early. I am adopting a holistic approach to my illness. I have a a high pressure corporate role and my company has been very supportive of me and I have been on extended medical leave since the 13th July. During this time I have taken up yoga and mediation. I have reluctantly cut out my greatest vice - an appreciation of a good drop of wine - and have a daily drink of super vegetables and fruits (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, berries, nuts, bran). I have even tried kinesiology that looks at the energies in ones body. I have continued my daily exercise regime of numerous push-ups and sit ups to remain as normal as possible but the reality is life is no longer normal and i, like the rest of you, accept it but it does not, and should no,t mean my life is ruled by the illness. Bruno
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