Hi Butterfly, Sailor & all members, Thank you all for your support. I have been popping in and out of this site, I haven't had time to respond, sorry about that. Wazz, is having a few problems with his treatment. He's still on Cisplatin & Gemcitabine chemotherapy. He's now finished four of his six cycles, two to go. He's only ever completed one of the four cycles. Problems with his blood. The side effects you can suffer from these drugs. Poor Wazz seems to be experiencing the lot. I'm not sure if I mentioned, he had a stroke about six week's ago, he's now fully recovered except his mouth still droops a bit. He's kidneys aren't working too well, he's had them flushed a few times. He now has DVT, deep vein thrombosis in his right leg. Extensive thrombosis of the superficial femoral, popliteal and all the calf veins. He's in a lot of pain, I had to take him for chemo in a wheelchair he couldn't even stand never mind trying to walk. We have medication coming out of our ears at the moment. I've typed up a chart on what medication he's on. Name of medication, dosage, quantity & time taken, otherwise I'd be lost. He has his CT scan next Wednesday, results on Thursday, first scan since starting chemo, fingers crossed. We see his oncologist the following Monday. The staff at The Mater Newcastle have been wonderful with him. Take care all, Merkel & Wazza
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Hope all goes well with results and also visit to oncologist. Thinking of you both, love Bev & Tom
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Hi everyone, It sounds like Wazza is really having a tough time. It must be very hard to to see a big strong healthy man react to the treatments in this way. Hopefully you are taking care of yourself Merkel. Try and get plenty of rest so you can be there for him and not burn yourself out. My Doctors told me the cisplatin was going to be easy, how wrong were they. Everyone's different and the drugs affect us all in different ways. Please send my best wishes to Wazza. I know its hard for him to imagine ever feeling well again, but it can happen, he can recover. And having you there Merkel to care for him, well he's surely a lucky man. Hope the results are positive this week. Look foward to hearing from you again soon. Take care
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Sounds like your husband sure has been through alot with his chemo, the staff at the mater hospital newcastle were fantastic with my husband when he was having chemo you couldn't find a better hospital. I hope all goes well with your results on Thursday and with your oncologist appointment on Monday. Is he under Dr Lomad? she is fantastic! All the best, hugs to you and wazza.
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