Hi Everyone, I'm sending an update on Wazza's Blog for him. Last Wednesday Wazza had his first CT scan since starting chemotherapy. He's had four cycles of chemo, Cisplatin & Gemcitabine. His CT report has been very disappointing. There has been further tumour increase in the pelvis area. There are more lymph nodes involved. He has multiple low attenuation lesions present throughout the liver, multiple metastases. The largest of these measures 4.2 x 6.3 x 7.5cm. The liver metastases has developed within five months & that's with chemo. We see his oncologist on Monday? I'm Wazza's wife of nearly 42yrs My Blog in under Merkel. Wazza & I would like to thank all of you for your compassion & prayers. Take care, Merkel & Wazza
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Keep up the fight guys. Im thinking of you both.
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Wazza is lucky to have you. Do you have someone that you can pour out your fears to as you seem to stay so strong for him. Thinking of you, Samex
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