How quickly time flies. And how quickly chapter two is being written...' radiotherapy and chemo' The Peter mac clinic is so familiar now with so many faces easily remembered. I take a small cushion in with me to kneel on when I get on the 'bed' of the rt machine. It helps my poor old bony knees. Each day Monday to Friday Smiling staff The crumpled appointment forms My bag with books and sketching materials The waiting rooms...murmurs and low conservations, the hypnotic drone of sports commentary from the television Well thumbed who and women's weekly magazine in haphazard piles The walk down a narrow corridor to radiotherapy Th e antiseptic smell and crackle of paper as my face falls onto the head piece of the rt bed Cool hands hover and push,pull my back into position The strange science fiction noises of the machine The strangely comfortable position that I so inelegantly rise from, clutching chemo bottle and pulling at clothing the walk out into fresh air and sunshine.....
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