This week I have made a decision that this is not going to bother me, after a fabulous weekend off from all treatment, as I only have to do it on week days, I made the decision that the nausea is not going to be a problem, and to be honest I haven't felt sick since last Friday . I do however feel a little tired due to the radiation but that's nothing new than being a parent. I just rest when I can and power on through when I can't .. So the regime of the treatment remains the same three chemo tablets morning and night and then daily radiation. Which I have down to a fine art now and can be out of the hospital in about half an hour, or so, depending on bloods that need to be taken or dietician reviews. The staff are Amazing and I really enjoy the jigsaw puzzles out the front to keep us patients from thinking about what's really happening to our body's . Andrew commented last night how he loves that I go to radiation smiling and come out smiling then he knows I still ok. I haven't lost Any weight,,which is a big deal to the planning of the radiation, in fact I put on a kilo, thanks to Andy's home cooked meals, of a weird variety, due to dietary needs. last night I actually went out for a hour to spend some time with my beloved students as they have finished their studying and become fully fledged nurses next week. It was so nice to see them all relaxing and enjoying themselves, although some were enjoying themselves too much. Little disappointed Symone didn't sing but next time. Hahahah. Hopefully they didn't mind me crashing their party, but they invited me. Mum and Graeme are overseas in Israel at the moment and hope that they are being careful, but still having a wonderful time. And this weekend is Andrews party and can't wait to see everyone start arriving tomorrow , it'll be so nice to see everyone and can also let them see for real that I'm doing just fine. Love that a huge amount of people are coming especially my nan and pop, all the way from gosford, on the train, that's really special . So until next time please keep me in your prayers, please know I am ok, and am fighting the good fight every second, but it's amazing what you mind can tell your body when you try. Luv you all Emma .
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