17/9 Appointment with NO re: scan from 13/9. Avastin doesn't work. No further treatment. Walking required efforts. 18/9 Fell after using the toilet in the evening. Crawled his way back to bedroom and struggled to climb back to bed. Noticed right foot and leg were moving oddly. 19/9 Could still walk and looked after himself. A bit confused when shower. Didn't eat much. 20/9 Appetite reduced but still eat some bread, banana, orange. 21/9 Fell after using toilet in the morning, couldn't get up. Called ambulance to help. Walked a few steps from the toilet to an office chair. Paramedic noticed funny walk. Being wheeled back to bed. Started being bed bound. 22/9 In bed all day, use bottle. Good appetite, still talk. 23/9 Managed to get up and stand but not walk first time. Second time struggled to get out of bed, stood up but lost balance and fell. Managed to get him back to bed by his sons. Didn't talk much. 24/9 Didn't eat much. Wet the bed, couldn't roll over to his side. Called ambulance to take him to the hospital and transferred to an impatient palliative care. Appeared to lose movement on his right side. 25/9 Wanted to go home but couldn't get out of bed. The Dr wants to keep him for a few days to assess. Refused to take Dex. Still had appetite. Drink coffee from a mug on his own. Returned a missed call to his friend on mobile. Had a brief conversation, struggled to talk. 26/9 See Occupational Therapist, couldn't use right side, no strength. 27/9 Not talking much, sleep a bit. Had headache. Not eating or drinking. 28/9 Not eating or drinking. Not talking but aware and understand conversation. Palliative care Dr said he has weeks or months.
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