Well, after my last blog about fatigue, we got some answers. Good- but bad at the same time. I knew something was wrong, doc's put him back on the Dex- and there is a huge improvement. My dear best friend is back, and talking my ear off about random facts, and of course garden tips. The oncologist called us the day of the bloods & MRI, and advised nothing was out of the ordinary, so start dex & see how you go. Appointment booked with him for 5 days time. The appointment day comes, we were not expecting any news let alone bad news- had both the kids with us- and were hit with the "you'll need to start chemo bomb" No growth of the tumour, but they have reported contrast changes. This indicating that the once dormant grade II astrocytoma is now turning into a grade III. Now, before they wouldn't do chemo as the success rate with chemo & low grade tumours was not good. NOW- it's a different story. So off to visit the medical oncologist, who stsrts the chemo ball rolling. So grateful that it is home administered Temodal, no hospital visits or needles and little or no disruption to our children. I am somewhat blown away by all the different med's he will be on, and when to take them- 30 mins before/30 minutes after/ half here/ half there. All changing every week. But once I bought myself an exercise book and started writing it all out, I quickly got my head around it all. So, that brings us to today- First day of chemo down. Four more to go And then a 23 day break before it all starts again. He seems to be doing ok today, he mentioned he didn't feel that great but he was up and about all day which tells me he's ok. I'll report back soon, probably just before we go away on our family holiday in Feb.
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