Hi, its been awhile since i have posted a blog here. After a 6 month battle with cancer my wife passed away on the 3rd November 2012. I have moved in with my parents for awhile for added help with my 7yr old son.Now my son is relatively settled and enrolled in a new school, I have been able to start focusing on myself.It is becoming more and more obvious to myself that I am not coping with the loss of my wife.I have made an appointment with the doctor to get a care plan done so i can hopefully get to see a counsellor to help me through. I find myself lately crying at a drop of a hat and the slightest thing can set me off too.
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Hi Dazza, mate, I so feel for you. I am in no way the same position as you are, a horrible situation for sure, but it is something I have thought about for my wife if the situation does arise. And it has only been weeks since your wife passed away and your focus has been your son and all that "administrative" stuff that goes with the passing of a loved one. You have not had anytime to yourself to grieve - you need to take that time now. Get away and think of her and all the good times and say goodbye. Good luck mate, you are in my thoughts. - see that counsellor if you can ... Tony F
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hey there my young husband passed away on the 28th of november last year so i know how you feel.. he had cancer for 2 years. I find myself missing him even more than before, its like i have run out of tears but i find myself having terrible flashbacks of when he was dying... i think 'did i really survive this?'... if you ever want to chat just pm me and i'l respond... thinking of you x
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Hey Dazza, good on you for organising counselling. Be kind to yourself. love Emily
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just a thought.. you might be able to get 6 free or discounted sessions through your local Cancer Council, I got that and it was much less hassle than going through a GP. And the counsellor was absolutely brilliant. It took two phone calls to get it organised. J.
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