I was given some words yesterday and would like to share. CANCER IS SO LIMITED It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot destroy peace, It cannot kill friendship, It cannot suppress memories, It cannot silence courage, It cannot invade the soul, It cannot steal eternal life, It cannot conquer the spirit. I love doing papercraft, eg scrapbooking, cardmaking etc. I have thrown myself into this lately and I am creating a small book for myself call "WORDS TO LIVE BY" It is a blank A5 size visual art display book that I am adding all my inspirational sayings and some funny words that I have collected over a long period. I decorate each page with lots of papers and colours, stamping, ribbons, lace and much more. Its great therapy so far. I have also researched my family history for years and now am planning on putting this into book format for my kids and their descendants. I have stories and dates and photos and I want to pass this on in a way that others will want to read it. LOL there seems to be a little more urgency to actually get it done now and not one day.... Cancer has changed the way I look at things on a day to day basis. The things that you once stressed and worried about don't seem to matter anymore. Its important to concentrate on what you CAN do in your day. Live for each day. Sometimes I wish I could have thought like this 20 years ago. Slow down, don't move so fast. I am not a writer that expresses easily what you feel inside, but I have found that if you grab a pen and paper and just let if flow sometimes it does help to clarify your thoughts. Only you have to see what you wrote. I wake each day now and think about what I would like to do for this day and get up and get enthusiastic about what I can do. I get very tired but then stop and rest and start again. Still going through Chemo for a little while yet, but I have my enthusiasm. two more sayings I would like to share: THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER IS YOUR ATTITUDE. (no-one can take that away from you) We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
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