OMG this chemo is certainly devastating, Les had seven hours of chemo on Thursday, and it has completely wiped him out,has had one side effect after another, I really take my hat off to everyone out there who has or is going through the same thing. Everything from constipation,then vomiting, Diarrhea, flu like symptoms,and generally wiping him out, have just been there supporting him and finding foods he can keep down, he has lost his appetite but have to persuade him to eat something even if just a smoothie so he can take all the tablets he has been prescribed and this is only day 5. Has anyone any experience as to how long before he starts to feel a little better???? By the way has anyone noticed when someone is going through this how many ads on TV for Funeral Plans etc..Never took much notice before but everytime you turn on the tele there is an ad on. Blood tests tomorrow and then more chemo at the Cancer centre on Thursday if he can get up enough energy.
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