If you had asked me 4 weeks ago about me logging into a cancer support site, i probably would have laughed at you. It's funny how quickly things change. And it's been one hell of a roller coaster ride. About 4 weeks ago I noticed a lump above my left collar bone that I hadn't seen before as immediately made an appointment with the doctor. I was then sent off for a barrage of blood tests and an ultrasound. The blood tests came back normal and the ultrasound revealed two lymph nodes (13mm and 15mm), both of which were diagnosed as reactive. I was then put on antibiotics and no change occurred. So last week I was back at the doctors and asked for a biopsy to be done. I received the results yesterday and things ended up going a bit haywire for me. The results of the FNA were Left cervical lymphadenopathy "contains cohesive groups of atypical epithelioid cells within a background of mixed inflammation and red blood cells. The cells have pleomorphic nuclei and prominent nuclei. Some of the group show some intercellular bridges and hard cytoplasmic edge, raising the possibility of squamous origin. Elsewhere the cells do not show differentiating features. Further investigation is recommended. CONCLUSION ATYPICAL EPITHELIAL CELLS SUGGESTIVE OF METASTATIC CARCINOMA I have to admit that most of the words are a little confusing. The conclusion, however, it pretty easy to understand. So the end result, I have an appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday to find out what next. I am hoping that it is not all gloom and doom and I am doing my best to stay positive about things. When I was told the results yesterday, I could not help feeling sorry for the doctor. She seemed apprehensive about telling me the results. Thankfully I could read her screen and broke the silence. Once the conversation had started, she was really helpful about finding me an oncologist who could see me early (otherwise I would have had to wait until mid December). My thanks go to her for her assistance and her kind manner. Take care everyone, Tim
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