I have to go in on Friday 3 December for the day. I didn't know that. I've arranged to go out that night. The note from the hospital says I need someone to pick me up and bring me home and stay with me for the first night. Well, I didn't know all that. What happened to the calendar we had for these things? I don't like it being next to your desk. It's inconvenient for me to write all my goddam appiontments on it. It needs to be more acceessible. Well where shound we put it. I don't care. Don't be cranky. Well, look, I can barely keep up with all this shit myself let alone keep you up to speed. I had the urologist yesterday morning, the renal specialist this afternoon and I have to have a blood test for the oncologist today as well. Then I se the oncologist next Thursday and go into hospital for the procedure on Friday and I see the psychologist on Saturday. Then on the next Friday I see the physician and I will have to have fitted in another blood test for that as well. What the hell does everyone want from me? OK. Let's find a solution. Sorry for being so cranky.
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