In the four years I have been accommodating the diagnosis, treatment, recovery, recurrence, collateral damage, relationship changes, financial collapse and changed identity associated with cancer, I have thought a lot about the position I have given food in my life. I have some observations to make based on some wide reading and my own experience of cooking, sharing and eating food. So I have asked the question "Why is food so important?" because I want to give my answer. Fair enough? And the topic of 'food' always gets peoples' attention. Doesn't it? I have to stop now because it has just been made clear to me - in subtle ways designed for me alone - that it is my turn to do the shopping, and domestic harmony is crucial. See what I mean? I will be back later on today. If there are replies by then that would be great as the topic is one we all share regardless of what I write. Don't we? H
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