Had second resection on arm to remove muscle and surrounding tissue. Thankfully no graft or flap required this time. This is our last chance for a clear zone otherwise we are preparing for an amputation. The waiting for results drives a person crazy.
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Hi Suel, Hope that the results are all that you are hoping for, yes the waiting is the hardest time. Really hope that amputation is not needed, but if it is, that you learn to cope with it, you shouldn't have to, but life does throw these mean balls at us, doesn't it. Good luck, and let us know how you get on, craftyone
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Hi Craftyone, Thank you for your reply and best wishes. Its been 12 days with still no pathology results. Had apptmt with doc yesterday to be told that everything has now been sent to the RPA Path Dept who specialise in rare tumours so it could all take another week. We have been doing so well staying poss. and functioning normally but this news has put me into a spin as I really didnt think it would come to this. Loosing an arm is scarey but Im a strong and determined person so know Ill still be me and work hard for normality. My biggest fear, as Im sure everyone with cancer has the same one, is if it has comsumed my arm its already somewhere else anyway. I start radiation on Thursday regardless to try to keep things stable until decisions have been make. Ill keep in touch suei
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Hang in there Suel. The waiting must be horrendous. Samex
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