Okay, so due to stupid Chemo brain I'm not sure if I have posted this already, but here we go anyway! I was diagnosed with USC Stage 3C at the end of last year, and started Chemo in January. Then on the 5th of February this year I had my right ovary (14.9cm) removed, plus both fallopian tubes, and a whole heap of uterine tissue lasered off, both lymphnodes in my groin removed, plus many biopsies done etc. Then I get the call saying that my remaining ovary, although in very early stages, also has cancerous cells that are aggressive, and so I have now begun radiation in my pelvic area, as well as on my neck lymphnodes, and on my sternum... because as luck would have it, I've also been diagnosed as having NHL, with a B grade tumor behind my sternum (i was coughing up blood clots, so got some extra tests). I didn't even think it was possible to have two different types of cancer at once. Now I'm wondering if I have CUP (cancer of unknown primary origin) Has anyone else experienced this? At the moment i'm having externl beam radiation, but after i have my rmaining ovary removed, I'll be having Brachytherapy - that sounds painful, and scary. Radiation has completely wiped me out - I am void of any energy. How do you guys get through it? Seriously... I'm starting to lose my focus, and keeping a clear head is kind of hard when you're pumped full of steroids! Take Care all, Joanna xo
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Dear Joeyanna, For such a long time I've avoided anything to do with cancer, my cancer to be exact. I didn't want to hear about it, read about it, anything. When I joined this site it was confronting. But people like you inspire me. You are so brave, so wonderful, and you don't sound bitter or resentful of what has been dished up in such a short time. Your strength is astounding. I could only hope to be as valiant as you. Joyhoney
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Hey Joeyanna, You are an absolute inspiration in my eyes! Seriously you have been dealt far more than your share of this horrible disease and your attitude has got me speechless......which for me is pretty amazing! I have been through chemo/radio for tonsil cancer but i have not experienced anything like what you have gone through & are currently going through. I wish you all the good things you deserve for a change & i have so much admiration for you. Take care Mez xox
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