I am sitting here now thinking it is so sad to not have family support when a loved one is dying. My dad is 83 and has oesophageus cancer and all my family seems to say " he is 83 what can you expect" But I do expect more- I know it will happen soon but I can't understand why they don't feel same. He was in hospital 2day having stent put in to comfort him a little and my 2 bros didn't know he was there and for once I thought NO I am not telling you as if you kept in contact then you would know. Am I being selfish!!!!!!
I don't think it matters what age someone is: if they're dying of Cancer, or any disease for that matter, then EVERYONE in your family should band together, and be there. I remember when my mum died that everyone was there - even a sister that she had not been speaking with for years. No one should die alone, or at least, thinking that they are not important enough to have their family present. If my cancer is not curable, that's what I would want for me - my family and loved ones around me as I pass over. I hope your family comes to their senses!! Joanna xo
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Hi there Chris, No you're not being selfish at all & just because your dad is 83 should have nothing to do with it. He is a human being with cancer & who has a family & the family should be by his side. I really feel sorry for you having to cope with this alone but i'm glad for your dad that he has a loving child by his side who is going to stick with him till the end. I don't understand why your brothers are the way they are & i suppose you have tried reasoning with them? Maybe you could try again? But then only you know whether or not you're likely to get anywhere with them or not. I think you are a wonderful support to your dad & i'm sure he knows it & appreciates you so much. Good luck with your bros & i really hope they come to their senses before it's too late. Take care....Mez 🙂
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