Well I need to write this as it is just doing my head in Mum is in Adelaide I’m in Sydney 31/7/12 mum had surgery to fix a fistula and suddenly surgeons were surprised to come across a very large mass that had taken over much of her bowel and uterus (And we are not sure what is what -surgeon speak) Cancer of the bowel, with a life expectancy of…. from this point on we had no answers to our questions regarding why they were surprised, pain, bleeding, discharge and ultimately a plan for the future. Really?? Mum continued on through bleeding, a wound that was still weeping, and pain with patches for over three months. 29/11/12 finally someone has listened to her and did an internal examination which has shown that there is active cancer, we finally have a course of action, radiation to begin 12/12/12 not to cure but to hopefully stop bleeding and pain. I just can’t get over how very different two cancer diagnosis, treatment and MANAGEMENT could be. My husband’s GBM has been smoothly coordinated from the very moment of diagnosis possibly contributing to his very good outcomes so far. Whereas mum has been left to question her symptoms, and pain this whole time. Is it where we live Adelaide / Sydney, age, gender or what? I really did need to just get this off my chest. Sorry all
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