Hi all Not sure where to start... it's been an emotional first half to the year with very high high's and very low low's. 3rd February - my darling proposed 4th March - appedicitis - ultrasound also revealed a 'lesion' on my left kidney 5th March - appendix removed 6th March - found out we were 4wks pregnant (had been trying for 5 months) 7th March - MRI 8th March - Results of scan showed an 11cm growth 13th March - radical left nephrectomy (pathology = T3 Chromophobe RCC weighing in at 715g) 17th March - home & in recovery 9th April - miscarriage 24th May - back to work (child care centre manager) and told by employer that i shouldn't book annual leave any time soon as I'd already had a lot of time off. 8th July - left my job - couldn't cope with the stress and high expectation I feel like my life has fallen apart. I don't recognise myself anymore. Physically I'm OK but I find myself feeling overwhelming sadness every now and again. We just found out we're 5wks pregnant again and I'm wracked with worry about whether something will go wrong. I can't help but worry that the cancer will return too. As many people have told me, I know I'm lucky... things could be so much worse. I just wanted to say it helps to read other's blogs to put things in perspective. Thank you! :) Yvie
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