hey everyone just wondering who knows much about bowel cancer? has anyone survived aggressive bowel cancer here?
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Hi Maddie, I have survived stage 3 bowel cancer which had fortunately NOT metastisised. I was diagnosed in Aug 2007 when my bowel completely shut down and I had an emergency hemicolectomy. I then had nearly 7 months of chemo with a picc line. The chemo was tough but we got though it. I was left with some residual neuropathy in my hands and feet but it is slowly easing and I can deal with that. I am a teacher and I returned to work in April 2008. Probably about a month too early, but I mamanged to do 4 days a week. I have been lucky that my boss has allowed me to continue that for 2 years. everyone is different and everyone responds differently to treatment. Ask lots of questions, but don't expect definitive answers - there are none. I guess you just need to take each day at a time at the moment and deal with what is thrown at you (is it your boyfriend with the cancer?)It isn't easy in any way but many here have gone beyond their "use-by"dates and I for one am beginning to rellay get on with life again. I hope this helps a little, Samex
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Hi Maddie, I have a similar story to Samex - diagnosed 2009. I'm not sure how aggressive other peoples cancers have been, but I've heard a few stories passed through friends of knowing people who had bowel cancer 20 years or so ago and still all clear. There is loads of hope. Well wishes and hugs.
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