has anyone else been in this situation and have any advice. within one week my mums tumor has grown amazingly fast and they now have said she has days to weeks to live. i cannot get my head around it, i cannot understand it. how come one week ago at her usual 2 month checkup it was all pretty much the same and now bam! i feel like the doctor has lied to me, or that they are wrong and i want a second opinion. i can not come to terms with it- she looks the same to me, but whats happening on the inside is a different story i guess. do you have advice for me? how to i move past my fixation on the thoughts that the doctors are lying to me, or there not trained enough to know my mum?
I have no advice, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. Tumours, unfortunately, are vicious and nasty, and can be quiet and still one moment, and raging and growing rapidly the next. Enjoy the time you have, try not to fixate on what the doctors do and do not know- hug, kiss, and cherish the little things. I hope she proves them all wrong 😉
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Melanie gave you some good advice . I hope you can enjoy having the time with your mum ,despite the sadness and confusion . At times people say that they wished they'd asked their parents about people or events in the past but thought of it too late . Maybe you have things to ask, maybe memories to clarify or to just share ,maybe new memories to create .
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