i have just finished my 6 weeks of radiation and the pain i have been in is unbearable as my cancer was in my bum!!!! I had squamous cell carcinoma and the burns i got from the radiation were really bad that i could hardly walk, as the radiation burnt all my girlie bits as well. I have been told i cant have radiation in the same spot again so what happens if it wasnt successful, they say an operation but i already had one of them and that was painful enough, how will an operation cure the cancer if the radiation didn't. I am sorry to off load to you people but there is no one else i can ask and no one knows or understands how i am feeling. I dont know if any of you will truly understand cancer in the bum either but surely our thoughts on the word cancer are similar, my nurse said my cancer was similar to prostate cancer men getso i feel for all those men out there that get it, because i understand how it feels and what you go through.
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