my partner is 44yo we have a 5yo and i am so scared about what is about to happen.every one says positive thinking but i always prepare for the worst it helps me cope instead of that massive let down.he started off with a bit of a sore throat and then had a few lumps said he was going deaf had indigestion which he thought was from the drinking had some nose bleeds which stopped for a little while then the lumps started to get worse on the side of his face. went for tests and last friday biopsy came back negitive for the lumps in the lymph nodes and one was 3cm big.but he was tired and bleeding started and his eye was getting big so to the hospital we went.blood tests came back ok but the ct scan showed cancer behind the nose and was least knowing he was in the hospital was a relief he was getting seen to and it wasnt taking several weeks to get in to see specialist.he had radiation today so now just wait to see drs.i am going through a roller coaster as i am hoping that he is going to be fine but then he is so weak and sick.the cancer is at the stem of the brain already so i just pray the treatment will work.
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