It was my chemo today and it almost didn't happen. My liver markers up way up and they were worried that it might not cope with the chemo. For some they had increased over the past week. I can't help but wonder if diet had anything to do with it as I was a little silly over the week. Another blood test this morning showed that things were starting to come down. I was eternally thankful to hear that news. So the chemo went ahead. The only worry is now along the lines of how good my liver is. I am determined not to let things go yet. I have far too much to get done. But with my temp climbing (but still under the max I am- 38.5) over the past few hours I can't help but worry about things. To be honest, it all kind of sux big time. It's just not fair. A month ago all was good. It should be good now.
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