so while this isnt all about my dad.... i found out that i am officially being "terminated" from my job. even tho i havent been back to work since my car accident in may 2010. im not entirely sure if this is good or bad news yet because their insurance company is denying a permanent injury... but the letter they sent is acknowledging a permanent injury. BUT.... my dad finally ate food yesterday!!!!!! it was just clear soup but he managed to get 2 and a half cups down and wants more... he says he is starving and in all honesty... i didnt think this would happen for a few more weeks. it couldnt have come at a better time... with only 10 days till i go away im feeling less guilty about leaving him and more relaxed knowing he is getting some nutrients in :) will post again before my trip :) take care manda
Thats very good news shennanigans about your dad, he will start to get his strength back. dont worry about the job, something will turn up when you are ready. wombat4
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Good news about your dad . That's good for you too.
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thanks guys 🙂
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Excellent news about your dad..Enjoy your trip 🙂
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