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From my studying since getting this, the answer is rarely.I do hear of positive things though, like someone on another site has been going 12 years now.
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Hi Seadee can you tell me the name of site and have you had any treatment as i haven;t yet THANKS NEIL
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Hi Neil, Sorry another one has to deal with this.It sucks! I've had chemo and am now on Iressa, which is an oral targeted therapy as I tested positive for the mutation in a biopsy.Still waiting to see if it is working any wonders for me. If you google inspire cancer forum; lung cancer survivors, you might find him.His user name is stage 4 survivor. Good luck with it all and feel free to private message me. Dee
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That's a bit like asking does anyone beat stage 1V inoperable pancreatic cancer. I think you may have more chance than I do. I wish you all the luck, positivity, blessings and may all your dreams and hopes come true. I really hope someone is able to help you and I really do hope that somehow you beat all the odds and survive it. Positivity, fight, and just plain do not give in is all that's been helping me along with my chemo. Just hold in there and fight for as long and hard as you can. Thinking of you in your fight.
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I say yes! I have stage 4 lung cancer and am doing really well - had surgery and half way though chemo regime. Last scans saw some improvements. Next scans in Late Oct. I say anything is possible so don't give up! Hope u are doing well. Rubes
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