So 4 times to the emergency for a small bowel obstruction after 2 years being clear for stage 4 inoperable oesophageal cancer they decide to do a keyhole into my small bowel to see whats going on...wham bam there it is,a dirty big bit of cancer in my small bowel(well have to wait 10 days or so before the results come back but the surgeon was pretty confident it is cancerous) Well she cut it out and says she was surprised it was only confined to one area and she is confident she got it all....phew...maybe i dodged a bullet for a while...back in march when i had my first episode of bowel obstruction i went through a ct scan,x rays etc,"don't know?"says my oncologist....2nd episode"don't know?" says the oncologist...3rd episode"still don't know?"....4th time the hospital decides to look in with an actual camera and what do you know its cancer...geez 6 months from the first SBO and oesophageal cancer is aggressive so I'm wondering does my oncologist even really give a shit whats happening....i feel like just a number now...stuck on this big conveyer belt....i have been realistic since my diagnosis about my condition and accept it will probably take my life eventually but if i can get a bit longer and a better quality of life then i will take every chance i does someone go about getting another opinion in the public health system?changing cancer doctors etc?it is even possible unless you got truck loads of money? dan
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Hi Daniel, If in the same situation, I would go back to my GP, or to the hospital's patient liaison person. The SYSTEM, as opposed to specific individuals, has dropped the ball with my treatment a couple of times, but we were able to work our way through to a positive outcome. I find the solution is to articulate and discuss in a non-confrontational manner, but state your position clearly - don't shirk the issue, and don't allow the practitioner to do so. Bring the issues into the open, perhaps with another practitioner (e.g., GP). So, I recommend your GP because they can advise on either course of action - be it working through your concerns, or referral to a new practitioner. Regards, Mark.
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