An amazing time to find out who your real friends are,

My partner's kids have been amazing. When I was receiving chemo in Perth and was looking pretty dodgy (the consultants words were 3 -4 weeks) they jumped jets and flew from Hong Kong and Sydney to support me and their mum. My own son offered to send me some socks. My mates were close visiting frequently and again one flew down from Broome for 24 hrs to be supportive. My soul mate did everything, including resuscitating me when I collapsed with hypotension, low iron and dehydration. Fortunately that was the day after my last dose of chemo, because my consultant haematologist had left the country for a holiday without allocating an interim consultant.


My partner was able to access another Haematologist through the kindness of Professor Mark Hertzberg, so I was reviewed by Professor David Joske at Charlies in Perth. His first action was to PET scan and to then tell me the cancer (NH follicular lymphoma/large B cell lymphoma) was gone. he recommended that I go "live life", Since then I have done my best to do that. working hard to recondition my physical body through healthy lifestyle activities.


Noone told me about the psychological scars. I thank providence for the patience of my wife for putting up with me, Waring between anger and submission. 

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