hi guys, I need some help. I have been mulling over an idea that keeps swimming about in my head that needs exposure, but I need a metaphor for our disease other than "the beast that devours". I really want to write about how cancer "devoured" 3 of my friends and is making its mark on another as we speak but I would appreciate a leg up with this metaphor. If you can help with a starting point, I will have a crack at a poem. (The first after 35 years). The glass half full side of cancer prompting me to write again?! Thanks for your wisdom and creativity, Samex
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Please take a number and sit down. Business will recommence on Monday at 9.00am. If you choose to stay you can get a good cheap sleeping bag at the camping store down the mall to the left. Should you require a more urgent consultation I'd suggest contacting the expressive writing group because they're probably going to be up all night writing. And they watch these posts like hawks anyway. Up to the top and over to the right. H
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I put something like this in response yesterday morning. When I tried to save it it vanished into internet oblivion. I don't think this is as good as the original. Life is a metaphor
 Nouns, to make -
 Rhetorical meaning. Mixing metaphors
 Is fun! Cancer has metaphors - Devouring Beast, Daffodil blooming With the image of New life, Relay And the passing on Of the Baton. It has Euphemisms - Spanish Dancer, The big C, Fear, of even stating What it is with the Shadow and Beast Within. It is surrounded By images. Of light - Bright, clinical, clean, sterile. Of care - Gentle, human, touch, support. Of Life - Joy, hope, gift, exuberance. Of Death - Lament, grief, sorrow, farewell. Images and metaphors Mix them up and Have fun. Sailor It's out there at sea that you are really yourself. Vito Dumas

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Ah Sailor, You have a much greater gift than I methinks but I will struggle on. I take heart from the positive images as well. Lots of daffodils tomorrow! Thanks, Samex
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