walking through a shopping centre with my grandson last week holding my hand he looked up at me and said nan why does everyone look at you funny your only sick i replied its ok mate people sometimes just don't know what to say he came back with why you are just my nan and your no different you are special though MADE MY DAY
Aren't children special, they see the world through innocent and rose coloured glasses, it is a shame that us adults do not retain this. This made me smile, keep the stories coming Sandy.
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I have grandkids too.Two were born after my diagnosis so they will never know that I used to have 2 eyes that looked the same.Older ones never reacted to the change. Their acceptance puzzled but pleased me at the same time. It meant a lot to me. On a lighter note I mind the 8 month old once a week while my daughter plays netball and sometimes her 2 year old as well. The 2 year old never wants to go home .She loves going to Grandma's and loves going in Grandma's car . She can go into the creche at netball and did for a few weeks because she wanted to play with the kids. She told me she likes "kids and boys too".
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