Today i head back to perth for day 17 of treatment. i have had a wonderful time with my sister and her son in Bunbury. we did lots of walking the shops, sight seeing and socialising. caught up with my friend Carol who is not doing that well. she was really happy to see us and have a chat. i was shocked a bit as i saw her 12 months ago and she is going down hill rapidly. it was a bit sad for me as i am doing so well. (i felt a bit guilty). my sister is coming with me today to see what they do at radiation. i told her its a 2 min appointment by she want to see for herself. had a wonderful chat to my son this morning. he and his partners have moved into a nice new building and set up a bigger sportspower in Esperance. i cant wait to see the photos of the end result. my grandson got the parcel i sent home and is very excited to have new clothes. gee its nice to spoil him. Hubby has enjoyed his weekend with him and said he might get him back for next weekend. not long now and he will be joining me in perth. good luck for those that plan to have a flutter on the cup. i hope you all have some luck and it brightens your day. cheers Jodielee12 (Linda)
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