I dont have cancer. My father has cancer. I can;t accept it, no matter how much i try. He has been the strength and solid building block of our family and i dont know what i will do with out him. How do i continue day to day and get myself out of this slump. I know im not the one with cancer therefore not the one facing a timeline, but i just cant manage day to day things. How can i learn to handle this??
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It can take a while for the reality to set in .I still find it hard to believe that someone close to me had cancer nearly 6 years ago and that I have it now ,although in remission. Acceptance can take longer when it is someone you love very much.
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Hi. I can really feel for you at this time. My dear dad who was my rock and best friend was diagonised in 2008 and I could never accept that he was ill. He was the one who supported me and got me through hard times as he knew I was in denial. He passed in Sept 2010 and I still miss him very very much. My advice to you is to always be there for him, always let him know how much you love him and make all the times you spend together as normal. Up until the end dad and I joked and laughed like we always did and I know that made him happy. It is so hard but please look after yourself as well as your dad as that is what he would want for you. Take care Chris
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Hi, I felt like I was reading my own words for a second. I feel the same as you, my dad is going through chemo at the moment for prostate cancer and he has always been the protector in our family, the strength & the one that we always went to, it is so hard to see someone that you love going through something so difficult & the thought of losing them is consuming & depressing. I really feel for you, I understand where you are at & I am finding that it is better to speak to others that are going through a similar experience because those that have not been touched by cancer do not understand what we are going through.
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Hi Yeah I know how you feel, I have lost a few family members due to this horrible disease, and now I have been going through my own battle with SCC. Im not over it yet, Im still to face 6 weeks Radio yet, cant wait, NOT. It is hard to deal with someone you love being threatened with their existence, I know my Mum has been stressing about me, I tell her do not stress, because it stresses me! Its when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and thats me. I hope you feel better and can cope, its hard on everyone in a family to deal with this ridiculous disease, but your Dad needs you now, he will need your strength, your positiveness, as I can well imagine how he is feeling. Take care, stay strong! Leesa
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