i love him i dont want him to die my anxiety is high thinking about him
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that's how im feeling at the moment about my husband, constantly thinking bout it 24/7
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Hi, I have cancer and a partner who is really worried too, as much as its normal your worry is noticed and worries your partner which is not good for anyone I have told my partner off for being upset or overly anxious because I don't want our last whatever time to be like that if you can put on a brave face, fake it, suggest stuff to do, make plans (obviously short term, daily , weekly), tell them to do stuff like normal because like I tell my partner I am not incapacitated I can still make a coffee/bed/feed the dog and other stuff I have always been able to do nothing has changed today If they cant physically do it then maybe ask someone if they can come around and offer to do it (lawns etc) or hire Jims mowing Its more important you spend quality time with your partner not fret about what may happen as much as it really is a shitty deal and would be easy to dwell on that If you really love him then love him don't stress him out with your anxiety , if you find that hard find some counselling to give you tips on how to deal with what you are both going through I have made my partner organise counselling and hopefully that will help them deal with the current situation much care
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