I am about to start my new weight loss program (radiotherapy). I starts next week and I am not particularly looking forward to it at all. However, do it I will! Is this where I insert determined? lol At times it is very difficult to keep on track and keep my thoughts where they need to be and yet that will get harder when the treatment is underway. I believe this is where our strength comes in ... mind over matter type stuff. So its time to dig deep and get on with it and it will be all finished before i know it.
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I had radiotherapy one year ago and it really is a day at a time matter. I found flaxseed oil ( 2 tablespoons 2 times a day) very helpful and also Coenzyme CQ10 for my healing body. I still take them daily a year later. My surgeon wanted to wait for 6 weeks before he commenced surgery as he mentiones how badly burnt my skin would be. When he saw me he commences surgery within 2 weeks. He couldn't believe how well my skin had healed. I truly believe it was the oil. I also had 6 fish oil tablets a day (or eat fish daily). Good luck. You can do it!
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Hi Ruby ... I had thought about taking fish oil tablets actually, glad to hear they have worked for you. Thanks for the good luck wishes and yes i can and will do it. Just waiting to start is worse as the brain gets to thinking about things that the body is not yet doing. :) Julie
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